Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Flytec day 3

Day 3
Today was going to be flyable with the wind expected to be 10-15knts we decided to fly the task we set on day 2. This will be a little cross to start with then will get slightly easier on the last leg. However the conditions were very stable and the launch window did not open until 2pm and still the thermals were very weak and most pilots were struggling to stay up. With the last start being at 3:30pm we had no choice but to get in the air and fight the weak conditions with huge gaggles. We all did the last start in one huge gaggle of about 60 pilots and the maximum altitude of 3, 700ft agl we all glide off on course. It seemed like a day that you did not want to be out in front as the climbs were weak and the glides were long with many pilots getting low. I was a few kms behind the front gaggle and was busy just trying to battle my way through the kamikaze pilots.
Today was a day that was not going to be easy and staying high was going to be the trick to doing well. After 1hr30mins of flying we made the first turn point still in one huge gaggle and then did a long glide crosswind glide were many pilots including myself got low. I decided to start heading more downwind as the ground approaches I hit a light thermal and drift with it. I notice the gaggle has hit a climb upwind of me and now much higher I have no choice but to hang on and hope that this thermal gets batter. I soon drift over a new housing development and the thermal gets stronger and I climb out to 3,000ftagl. I am now the same height as the gaggle and about 1-2kms downwind of them.
I head off towards goal and manage to catch up with Gerolf and Andre Wolf who are now just above me 30kms out from goal. We are now in front of the main group and push hard for a couple of thermals. I miss one the climbs they get and I watch them do a long glide before hitting some lift. I glide off after them and will arrive about 1,000ft below them 18kms out from goal. I hit the thermal and soon a group of about 5 pilots come in just below me and we climb out to 2,800ftagl. My 4030race is telling me I need another 800ft to make goal but thermal stops so we head off. I notice that Gerolf and Andre have not climbed and are getting low before goal. I hit a light thermal and decide to stay and wait for the numbers as I slowly drift towards goal. My Flytec tells me that I will make it with 50 feet so I head off on a slow final from 16kms out.
Hot on my tail is Primoz and a couple of litespeeds and none of us are going to fast as we know just getting to goal will be good enough after such a hard flight. My numbers start getting better so I pull in and dive into the airport at River Ranch a few seconds ahead of Primoz. Gerolf will land 150 meters short of the 400m goal radius and Andre will land a few kilometers short. Only 9 pilots in total made goal with most pilots landing between the turn point and goal.
I will win the day in 2hrs47mins flying my beautiful litespeed RS 3.5 recieving 993 points.

This is me landing at goal after a challenging flight.