Thursday, July 13, 2006

The weekday warriors do Byron Bay

Well lately Leeroy and I have been taking a elite bunch of students flying on the wednesday's as part of a training camp. So far the weather has not been good enough to get them going for their first cross country's so we decided to have a day down at the beach.On this day we had only a couple of pilots being Michelle,Warick,kathy,leeroy and myself.We made the one and a half hour drive south to the ever so famous Byron Bay. When we arrived we met the locals up at launch and they told us that the wind would come on but it was to SW early. So we decided on taking a walk up to the lighthouse and watch the dolphins splash around off the most easterly point in Australia. After about 1 hour the wind started to come on so we went back down to launch and set up the gliders preparing for a epic coastal soar. This was Michelle's first time flying at the beach and the Byron boys were more than helpful to show us the dangers and potential hazards that are common to the site. Thanks to Pete, Ashley,Brian and all the others that helped us off the ramp. I took off with kathy and michelle and soared for about 20 mins before going and landing on thebeach next to the solid 5-6 foot surf at Tallows. we then went back up the hill and Pete offered me his Moyes tandem glider so that I could take up Michelle's brother Craig for a tandem flight. Leeroy also joined us as it was kath's turn to baby sit the little boy. After The last flight we all ended back up at the beach Hotel for a nibble on some awesome nacho's and a couple of drinks before making the long drive home. It was a great day out and I would encourage anyone looking for a nice relaxing day to go down have a fly and enjoy the scenary that Byron has to offer.