Thursday, June 22, 2006


Well it seems that the comp is well under way over in Croatia. The weather has not been real kind with a fair bit of high cloud setting in each day to slow the pilots down.There has been 5 task so far with the average task around 70kms. Looking through the results it appears that many of the top pilots are quite far down the list which is suprising considering their talents.I believe the conditions so far have not been racing conditions and have been more suited to the slower pilot who is just trying to make it around the course without racing. Michael Frisenbichler the current leader of the comp is a young up and coming Austrian who fly's very well considering he has only been flying about 4-5 years. He just won the Austrian nationals a couple of weeks ago beating all the top pilots and will be maintain a threat to them at this comp. This is a picture I snapped of him at goal during the 2006 bogong cup. He is currently ranked 10th in the world and is keen to move up as he has been doing very well the last couple of years. Dave seib has had some bad luck since arriving in Europe. After jumping off the plane some 18 hrs later in Italy he was informed that his baggage had not arrived with him, so he spent a few days with no bags or harness. A few days before the comp started he got all of his gear and was probably feeling a lot better knowing he could at least fly the comp now. On the practice day he was tuning his glider by top landing at one of their sites and crashed landing breaking 2 uprights and a carbon speedbar. Not a good way to kick off the competition with a broken glider. He obviously found parts and was able to fix it temporarily untill day 1 when he crashed again landing in rotor somewhere breaking his new carbon front section leading edge and more uprights. ummmmm Custard he managed to find another glider, put that all a side and then on day 3 he showed them his real talents by winning the day considerably. Cristian Vioblet has been leading the comp upto round 4 and is also one to keep an eye on. I first met him a couple of years ago when I was in europe competing at the Swiss nationals. He was not in my eyes one of the main competitors to look out for as I had never herd of him before. Well after 3 days of flying with many top pilots he won the competition and I found out that he has been flying nearly as long as I have been alive and was one of the top pilots a long time ago. He has been spending time elsewhere and not competiting for many years especially internationally.However it goes to show you that experience is the most important aspect to flying well even if it has been a long time since you competed. So I thought some of you would also like to know who this somebody is. consider him as one of the top 10 pilots in the world and this will explain why his results are so good. For all the latest results of the comp CLICK HERE.